Chemise Phone Cozy DX Vintage Laces Ribbons Button

A Chemise original phone cozy..handcrafted using some beautiful vintage laces, ribbons, buttons, linens! Everything pretty....Victorian looking. Cute lil purse for a prom!! This would also make a great door fob filled with potpourri or a bed post hang. I've added a layer of soft cotton batting and then lined with a soft cotton flannel. Double cotton braided drawstring.
Great for an IPHONE! You couldn't live without your brings you joy, it brings you sorrow, it's charmingly annoying, it brings you help on a dark secluded highway, its devotion to you is unconditional..doesn't your phone deserve the best is comfort and beauty? Give it the gift of a Chemise original handcrafted cozy. Soft flannel lined so you won't scratch the screen..a scratched screen is hard to read!

Measures about 4 x 6.75" overall..the area that would be available for the phone is 4 x 5.75"

These are one of a kind originals. The one that you purchase may vary slightly from the one shown in the PICS, Due to the vintage linens lace, and ribbon but be will be similarly lovely! We will send you a PIC before shipping for your approval.

Thank you so much for looking and thank you for supporting the cottage arts!

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